Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus

“Mind The Gaps: Closing the Action Gap on Health and Economic Recovery”
The gap which will be addressed first is the one on health and economic recovery. A year and a half since its onset, the Covid-19 reality has brought some major changes to our way of life.

But as we are trying to return to normality, health and economic recovery remain central for a forward-looking agenda. Because without effectively protecting public health, and a broad-based economic expansion around the world, it would be difficult to address other challenges, such as the fields of employment, education, healthcare, gender equality and so on.

This gap can be closed only by capturing lessons learnt and embracing the opportunities which have also arisen.

In this respect, the following initiatives could be set in place:

We ought to provide more support to COVAX, to make its efforts for global equitable access to vaccines an even greater success. Failure to do so, might translate to a pandemic with no definite end-horizon.

We must also aim to put into practice robust socio-economic recovery plans, at home and internationally, in the framework of which to achieve business friendly, green and digital economies, in which no one is left behind.

Given that the pandemic has showcased the common destiny of humanity on our planet, we must act upon this premise and strive to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world for the better. President Macron couldn’t have put it better when he said that “there is no Plan-et B”.

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