Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus

The proceedings of the seventh consecutive Cyprus-Greece-Egypt Summit Tripartite Meeting took place on 8th October 2019, in Cairo, with the participation of the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, the President of Egypt, Mr Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The President of the Republic was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, the Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry Mr Giorgos Lakkotrypis, the Government Spokesman Mr Prodromos Prodromou and service staff.

Prior to the commencement of the Summit Meeting, President Anastasiades had a bilateral meeting with President Sisi. He then met with Prime Minister Mitsotakis.

Subsequently, the Tripartite Summit Meeting took place, headed by the three leaders, and with the participation of the delegations of the three countries.

Following the meeting, the three leaders made remarks to the media.

In his statement, and speaking through an interpreter, the President of Egypt said, in part, that “we discussed the escalation and developments in the Middle East resulting from unilateral actions that aim at disturbing and unsettling the stability of the countries of the region.”

He added that during the Summit Meeting “we stressed that security and stability are a strategic priority for all of us, that common coordination is needed, and that without it we cannot enjoy the fruits of the process of the tripartite cooperation.”

Referring to the Cyprus problem, President Sisi said that “we stressed the support of our country for the actions that the government of Cyprus undertakes and for a peaceful settlement of the Cyprus problem.”

On his part, President Anastasiades said, in part, that “on the issues of energy, which is one of the basic pillars of the tripartite mechanism, we reaffirmed our strong will to strengthen our cooperation through a series of new agreements for the exploitation and transport of natural gas.”

He added: “I briefed the two leaders about the latest developments with regard to the Cyprus problem, especially in view of the imminent tripartite meeting with the UN Secretary-General, aiming at the resumption of the negotiations, provided that there will exist the appropriate foundation which will favor the conduct of constructive discussions, not under threats, but within a climate that will generate the prospects for a productive dialogue.

And I have spoken about the necessary foundation, because the latest unacceptable actions by Turkey and the intention to conduct exploratory drillings within the internationally recognized and licensed lots of the Republic of Cyprus, not only pollute the climate and escalate the tensions, but they also constitute a blatant violation of the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus and of international law.

In this context, I would like to stress that I have briefed my interlocutors that we are determined to exhaust all the diplomatic means at our disposal in order for the Turkish violations to be terminated, and so that there will be full respect for the unimpeded exercise of the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus."

The President added that “the unilateral and unacceptable actions of Turkey, are a far cry from those principles, while at the same moment they constitute a threat for the broader stability, peace, and security in the already tumultuous Eastern Mediterranean.

Within this context, we are certain that, at such critical moments, we will have the strong support and solidarity, as we already have, of the international community and the European Union.”

Prime Minister Mitsotakis, said, in part, with reference to the Cyprus problem, that “we expressed to the President our absolute support for finding a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem. A solution on the basis of a bizonal, bicommunal federation, in accordance with the UN resolutions and without occupation troops and without guarantees. And that is why we, all three countries, are in favor of the resumption of talks on the island.

Cyprus and Egypt and Greece, we all condemned categorically what is imprinted in the common declaration, the illegal actions of Turkey in the maritime zones of Cyprus, which disrespect international law and incite a sterile tension, as we also condemned the provocative behavior of Turkey in the Aegean which is also against international law and good neighborly relations.

I also addressed these issues to the US Secretary of State in Athens last Saturday. And it is worth registering his two clear official positions: both in favor of the protection and the national security of Greece and against the illegal drillings in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone and in lot 7.

We dealt specifically with the announcement of intentions for actions in Varosha which violate clear decisions of the Security Council, and of course the fact that Turkey is proceeding with yet another illegal act in the sea which not only is within the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone but has been delineated and has been licensed to European companies.”

For the abstract concerning Cyprus in the Joint Declaration adopted at Cyprus-Greece-Egypt Trilateral Summit on the 8th October 2019, in Cairo, see the attached document below.

 Abstract Joint Declaration.pdf