Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus

Marios Pelekanos was born and raised in Strovolos. He is married to Annita Papoui and has three children. He studied finance and acquired many years of experience as a member of the upper management at banking institutions in Cyprus and abroad. He then founded his own business as an Insolvency Practitioner/Financial Advisor. Until his appointment to the post of Government Spokesman, on 2 July 2021, he was the President of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Land Development Corporation and President of the Organization of Young Professionals of DISY.

Full CV

Marios Pelekanos was born on August 21, 1979 and grew up in the neighborhoods of Agios Vasileios in Strovolos, where he still resides today.

He is a member of the large family of the late Panagiotis Pelekanos and Despina Karantoni-Pelekanou, who both come from the village of Meniko in the District of Nicosia.

He has 3 brothers; a twin brother Christos, George and Kipros. He’s married to Annita Papoui. He has three children, Panagiotis, Marilia and Konstantinos.


He studied at the American Academy of Nicosia (Gymnasium) and graduated from Pascal English School (Lyceum).

In his adolescent age, he worked during summertime for his pocket money. In the last year of lyceum, he worked permanently as a delivery boy.

After completing his military service in 1999, he worked in the private sector for a few months until he was recruited at the Bank of Cyprus.

Employment at the Bank of Cyprus was a milestone in his career since it provided the necessary financial means that enabled him, as he was a person who was keen to learn, to enter a distance learning degree of the University of Manchester, from where he graduated with a BSc degree in Banking & Finance. Since then, he holds the title of Associate of the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

He also holds the title of Certified Professional Manager of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers of the United States.

In 2007, he accepted a proposal to join Piraeus Bank. In 2012, following a decision by Piraeus Group, he assumed the position of senior manager of its subsidiary Bank in Tirana. The three years he lived in Albania are a point of reference, as he was established as a member of the bank’s upper management.

In 2015 he chose not to renew his contract and repatriated. He left the banking sector and made a fresh start. He created his own business, as an Insolvency Practitioner/Financial Advisor, which is his main profession to date.

In 2017 he undertook a managerial position in investment funds based in Cyprus.

Political Experience

As a former member of MAKI but also as former president of NEDISY Strovolou (local Chryseleousa), it was a natural progression, upon his return to Cyprus, to re-engage in intense social and political activity in the centre-right area.

He was elected and served as Municipal Councilor of Strovolos from 2017 to 2019.

Organization of young Professionals

In November 2017, he was elected President of the Organization of Young Professionals of DISY, a position he maintained until his appointment.

During his term of office, his recommendation to change the DISY articles of association was approved, which now provides for the official participation of each President of ONE, as an equal member of the Executive Committee of the party.

Cyprus Land Development Corporation

In January 2019, he resigned from his position as a Municipal Councillor of Strovolos, since he had accepted his appointment by the Council of Ministers as the President of the Cyprus Land Development Organization.

A position that gave him the opportunity to realize his vision of broadening affordable housing options for economically vulnerable households.

A great success of his presidency was, inter alia, the establishment of the ground for the opening of the affordable rent market.

He also participated as a representative of the Cyprus Land Development Organization in the Housing Europe organization.